Farm Sightings

Cool Climate Elim Shiraz triumphs again at the Shiraz Challenge

Strandveld Vineyards has earned another top rating for their cool climate Shiraz in the Shiraz SA Challenge by securing a Top 12 position for the Strandveld Vineyards Syrah 2012. Last year’s competition saw the First Sighting Shiraz 2012 also achieving a Top 12 position confirming that 2012 truly was an exceptional vintage for Shiraz in […]

Winter Accommodation Special

Strandveld Vineyard Cottages – Winter Accommodation Special  Escape to the peace and tranquillity of the Strandveld this winter and enjoy a breakaway in one of our cosy cottages.  Stay 1 night for R650 Stay 2 nights for R1150 Stay 3 nights for R1500   Special offer is valid subject to availability from 16 June – […]

First Sighting Shiraz 2012 a winner in SA Shiraz Challenge

Strandveld Vineyards, Africa’s southernmost winery in the Agulhas District, has claimed a cool climate victory at the 2015 Shiraz SA Challenge, securing its place in the coveted Top12 with the First Sighting Shiraz 2012.  As one of the Top12 to emerge from 202 entries, this 2012 vintage from the emerging Elim Wine Ward will step […]

December 2014: Bubbly breakfast and trail run

Opening of Strandveld Vineyards Trail Run with Cap Classique breakfast Monday, 29 December, 06h00 for 06h30, Strandveld Vineyards Lace up your running shoes and join winemaker Conrad Vlok of Strandveld Vineyards, situated in the Agulhas district, on Monday, 29 December, for the opening of the Strandveld Trail, followed by a Méthode Cap Classique breakfast. Heading […]

September 2014: The Navigator 2012 just released

Harking back to the early explorers during the great age of discoveries, Strandveld The Navigator 2012 is a full-bodied, yet elegant wine with an adventurous spirit from Africa’s windswept southernmost vineyards. Just released, the 2012 vintage of this signature red blend is reminiscent of the classic wines of the Rhône valley, but set apart by […]

February 2014: Getting the cellar ready

A new vintage means we need to get our tanks emptied and our cellar cleared, so it was time to bottle and pack the wine from the last vintage. Conrad checks the bottles to make sure they are filled correctly and ready to be packed into the First Sighting boxes. Soon that lovely red cap will be […]

Valentine’s Day Harvest: 14 February 2014

Today, Valentine’s Day, we bought our first grapes into the cellar to kick off the 2014 harvest. Adamastor is definitely overseeing this harvest by bringing a strong South Easter with a few drops of rain just to remind us of his presence! Photographs taken by Sharon Brink

January 2014: Spittlebugs

I never knew that the strange foamy, snowy looking décor on fynbos comes from…. Spittlebugs ?! Post compiled by Ilse Zeitsman and Sharon Brink

January 2014: Fading Away

  FADING AWAY In a sense it’s a pity as the Overberg – and specifically the Elim district – is lush with colour in winter and in spring. But there comes a time when the landscape fades to natural earthy colours because it is that time of year. And that time of year is now […]

January 2014: A Gaggle of Geese

A GAGGLE OF GEESE Somewhere at the start of 2012 someone from the district brought an old black and white photograph of his mom standing on the stoep of the farm house at Strandveld Vineyards. The photograph dates back to the early 1900’s. The lady on the stoep leans against one of the pillars and […]

January 2014: Fuzzy Worms

  FUZZY WORMS Nobody likes me, everyone hates me… who remembers this silly  childhood song?! Worms aren’t nearly as grillerig as some squeamish people claim. Look closely at these Eutricha capensis, the Cape lappet moth – purplish tufts on the head seem to celebrate life. A fuzzy wuzzy worm, but a beautiful worm nevertheless. The […]

January 2014: Malachite Sunbird

  MALACHITE SUNBIRD Emerald green. Where else do you see emerald green like this? A rhetorical question indeed. And – with a name like ‘sunbird’! It evokes images of pure summery happiness, surpassed by very little in nature. And yes, also to be found at Strandveld Vineyards! Post compiled by Ilse Zeitsman and Sharon Brink

January 2014: Steenbokkie

STEENBOKKIES Steenbokkies are gentle creatures who – especially at Strandveld Vineyards – roam at night. They tend to move around on their own which – alas – make them an easy prey for caracal, and caracal are quite prevalent in the Overberg. Driving (or walking) around Strandveld Vineyards early in the morning, steenbokkies are often […]

January 2014: Camping

CAMPING IN A CARAVAN NEXT TO A VERY BIG “DAM” D(i)e Dam(me) is one of the closest camping grounds to Strandveld Vineyards. No fancy schmancy here but instead there are very few places where you will be as close to the ocean. The beach stretches for ever and a day; and this area is very […]

December 2013: Pole Planting Invention

WORKING HARD FOR YOUR MONEY To dig a hole for an anchor pole in the coffee soil, takes two men about 15 minutes. Read this sentence again – 15 minutes, 2 men, one hole for one pole. This takes far too long and it’s not making economical use of labour. So winemaker Conrad and farm […]

December 2013: Happy Daisies

DAISIES SIGNIFY HAPPINESS Not many places where you will find daisies growing on the beach. These yellow daisies (some people call them butter cups in the vernacular of the district) are typical of the Strandveld – and in a way they characterise the Strandvelders: laidback, mostly happy and embedded in the district. Post compiled by […]

December 2013: Cape Sugarbird

“Hello Everyone. My name is Sugar and I’m addicted to the nectar in pincushions. I keep an eye on all the workings at Strandveld Vineyards. While they imbibe wine, I stick to nectar though I do hear that their wine can be described as nectar of the gods…” The Cape Sugarbird is one of six […]

December 2013: Fynbos in the Strandveld

FYNBOS in the STRANDVELD It’s a late year and a late season in the Strandveld. Summer is dragging her feet; we have cold days and heavy rains while everyone is yearning to spend time in the sun. When winter goes into spring, the Strandveld is at its prettiest. Usually it happens much earlier, but some of […]

November 2013: Cape Canary

Let’s twist again like we did last summer!   The two-legged inhabitants of Strandveld Vineyards are excited about summer finally arriving albeit slowly. But so are the Cape Canaries, or so it seems. This fine specimen has been collecting dandelion seeds for a new nest. Maybe dandelion is just dandy for a new summer look […]

End of September 2013: a new season

There is much to be said for ticking something off your list. Completing a task. Getting ready for a new season. It gives that feeling of ‘after action, satisfaction’ – some of us will remember this as being the slogan of an old advert that with hindsight one can’t believe was ever flighted. Those were […]

September 2013: Spinnekoppie

If you suffer from arachnophobia, close your eyes right now. I repeat – do not look too closely. For the rest of us i.e. the braver souls amongst us – look carefully. A tiny lime green spider – or Spinnekoppie in Afrikaans –  has found a resting place between the little white and purplish pink flowers […]

August 2013: Cricket

Cricket. This is what Breakfast at Tiffany’s looks like when it takes place at Strandveld Vineyards – ontbyt innie veld oppie plaas. As the photographer so aptly described it: ‘n Bosluisvoel smul aan ‘n kriek. This post has been compiled by Ilse Zietsman and Sharon Brink

July 2013: Kaneel Pypie

Recently the Strandvelders have seen Gladiolus Maculatus (its colloquial Afrikaans name is very descriptive: ‘kaneel pypie‘; but it is also known by the very mundane name of the brown afrikaner) growing on the farm. It is rare for this pretty exotic-looking flower with its unusual motifs to be flowering in July. Gladiolus Maculatus is from […]