Food and Wine Pairing Course

Learn to pair Food and Wine with Strandveld Vineyards (and a few of South Africa’s Top Chefs & Cooks)

You’ve been asked to choose the wine for the evening, and you want to choose the best option for everyone joining you at the restaurant, right? A choice that will compliment the varied choices in meals ordered by your friends?

Or your partner’s boss is coming over for dinner, and you know she likes red wine, but you don’t know which dish to prepare to compliment her choice in wine?

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Complimentary 6 week e-course

This e-course will take you through the basic principles in food and wine pairing, and introduce you to the main guidelines to keep in mind, that will have you well on your way to mastering the art of choosing the food to compliment your wine, and vice versa.

Conrad Vlok, our award winning Winemaker, has been interested in winemaking since his teen years, and is a keen foodie too, often entertaining with his family in his home on the estate.

Conrad, together with six of his top Chef friends, will be taking you through all the main points you need to keep in mind to have the ultimate dining experience.

Imagine your next dinner party, where you have selected not only a scrumptious menu, but also the perfect wine to compliment your meal, including your dessert!

What you get

In each lesson you will receive a copy of one of the Chef’s favourite recipes, and learn about the Strandveld wine that Conrad recommends to go with that meal, as a practical example to learn that weeks lesson in food and wine pairing.

You’ll then have a week to try out the taste combination by being inspired to cook the meal suggested yourself, and taste it with the perfect wine.

During this course you will learn:

  • The main principles in food and wine pairing, that leave you open to be adventurous and yet feeling confident in your choices
  • The 6 key guidelines to keep in mind when pairing food and wine, for more successful matches
  • About the elements in food or a dish that you need to focus on
  • About the tasting notes of 6 of our wines
  • 6 new recipes, with exclusive tips from the Top Chef’s themselves
  • More about wine, and about Conrad and Strandveld Vineyards in general, which are great conversation starters at any meal.

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Your Guides:

You’ll be learning from one of the most exciting Winemakers, Conrad, along with these Top chefs:

Conrad Vlok

Conrad has been making wines professionally since 1992, and highlights of his career include:

* Winning the Gold Veritas Young Winemaker of the year award in 1999
* The 2010 Strandveld Sauvignon Blanc, for which he won a Veritas Double Gold medal as well as a Gold medal (Best in Class) at the International Wine & Spirit Competition
* The Sauvignon Blanc and 2009 Strandveld Adamastor 5-star ratings in Platter’s South African Wine Guide
* Being inducted into the Commanderie de Bordeaux en Afrique Sud in 2014

Conrad Vlok, our winemaker

Chef and author of recipe book "scrumptious" Jane-Anne Hobbs

Journalist, editor and cook Jane-Anne has a food blog Scrumptious, which pioneered recipe blogging in South Africa, features a large collection of Jane-Anne’s original, triple-tested recipes that will “warm your heart and make your tastebuds sing.” Her first cookbook ‘Scrumptious Food for Family and Friends’ was published in 2012.

Freda Appelbaum

For more than 25 years, one would enjoy fine French cuisine and a culinary adventure at the renowned Le Canard in Johannesburg. Freda Appelbaum was the chef, the hostess, the star. Fine French food remains very much of Freda’s life. She has left a legacy, called Le Canard to You, a selection of the most popular dishes from her famous restaurant’s iconic menu, which are available to serve at home.

Chef Freda Appelbaum

Chef Nina Timm Nina Timm

Nina is a food stylist, photographer and chef, and also a mother who understands that someone working full-time, needs help in the kitchen. She shares easy, affordable and yet delicious recipes on her award winning blog, and on radio and her cookbooks.


heinstirred is a food writer and photographer who’s happiest in the kitchen and behind the camera. His blog has become one of South Africa’s most popular blogs and his recipes and photos have appeared on Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Honest Cooking, Food24, Food52 and in The Sunday Times.

Cook heinstirred

FitChef Wayne Kaminsky

Wayne Kaminsky, founder and CEO of FitChef, is the quintessential entrepreneur who followed his passions, creating a hugely successful business along the way. Described as an “energetic foodie maverick” and “fitness fanatic” Wayne is so much more.

Sam Linsell

Sam is a passionate cook that decided to quit corporate slavery 7 years ago and build her dream life around food creativity. Her biggest adventures are cooking and baking and her award winning blog Drizzle and Dip is her home. With a background of hospitality management and food brand marketing, she’s published two cook books. When she is not in her kitchen she loves to travel and hunt down all things delicious.

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Format of this online course:

Sign up for free by registering your email address, and you will receive each lesson in your inbox, once a week, for six weeks. So you have plenty of time to work through the notes and short video in between lessons. And you’ll get your first lesson today!

Each lesson has:

  • A description of that weeks guideline
  • A short video and audio clip to hear Conrad and that week’s Top Chef explain the lesson with a practical example
  • A PDF download of that week’s Top Chef’s Recipe
  • A PDF download of that week’s wines Tasting Notes
  • Links to find out more about the Chef’s latest cook book, and our wines

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