Less is more with the 2015 harvest

Small yields of exceptional quality and phenomenal fruit concentration “poles apart” from the previous, wet harvest season, is how  Winemaker Conrad Vlok describes harvest 2015 at Strandveld Vineyards, the country’s southernmost winery in the Elim Wine Ward.


“Compared with last year’s humid conditions and high rainfall, our 2015 harvest was fanned by a dry easterly wind after an arid December and January. As a result, our grapes had higher sugars this year and we could harvest at optimum ripeness. We started on 2 February, slightly earlier than the average date of 7 February,” says Conrad.


Although this year’s crop had a 15% lower yield, all the grape varieties showed exceptionally healthy fruit for both the Strandveld and First Sighting wines.


“In the cellar we have wines with an abundance of clean, ripe fruit and higher extraction owing to lower production and optimal ripeness – all in all, it is truly a case of less is more!” he adds.


The 2015 vintage of the flagship Strandveld “Pofadderbos” Sauvignon Blanc, which shows beautiful fruit concentration, looks set to do its high acclaim as an Elim stalwart justice. The Shiraz looks equally alluring even at this early stage of the wine’s development.


“We have already pressed and taken the Shiraz to barrel. With the wine showing such great promise so early on, we have had to resist the urge to drink it all up!” quips Conrad.