The Navigator

Vintage Description

We experienced a normal and mild spring, which assisted the vines during the flowering period and resulted in better bunch setting. Very cold and windy conditions in December, with constant South Easterly winds, cooled water temperatures in the surrounding oceans.

This resulted in one of our coolest vintages yet. The modest harvest of 4.5t/ha was handpicked during the middle of March. Extended hanging time due to the cool season ensured that all grapes were picked at full phenolic ripeness at 24°B.

The Navigator

This Rhône blend pays homage to Prince Henry the Navigator – the Patron of early Portuguese exploration. Like us, he had a passion for exploring the secrets around Africa’s southernmost tip.

Tasting Notes

  • Aromas of cool-climate spice with white pepper and cloves.
  • Floral hints courtesy of the Viognier. The spiciness carries through to the palate and is complemented by black berry flavours. The Grenache contributes dried-peach tannins, with a long finish.
  • The wine has an ageing potential of 5 – 10 years.
A bottle of Strandveld The Navigator wine
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