The Spook van Blomfontein is a delicate wine spirit aperitif, so named to honour the spirit of Sophia, whose grave you will find in the Strandveld gardens. Who sometimes casts a wistful shadow like a gentle breath of wind as she moves through the gardens of Blomfontein farm.

What is Spook from Blomfontein?

Spook from Blomfontein is very similar to vermouth. Technically, vermouth isn’t a spirit but a fortified wine – a flavoured, aromatized wine that’s been fortified with some kind of neutral alcohol (eg. clear grape brandy) and been flavoured with a variety of herbs, botanicals, and spices. In the case of the Spook, it is Strandveld Rosé which is fortified with a blend of unaged rebate spirit (brandy spirit) and fortification spirit which has been infused with fynbos extracts-most notably Rose Geranium and Conrad guards the others as his closely kept secret. No sweetening has taken place so the sugar content is equivalent to our dry Rosé.


Strandveld Rosé 2021 comprises 75% of the product. This was fortified with a blend of unaged brandy and fortification spirit that has been infused with fynbos extracts.


On the nose it shows a distinctive rose water scent reminiscent of Turkish Delight complimented by notes of citrus peel and a refreshing, dry finish.

Enjoy neat over crushed ice, mixed with Indian tonic or your favourite mixer or become adventurous with some interesting cocktail recipes.

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