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Strandveld Wines

Our range of unique Strandveld Vineyards wines are produced in limited quantities from only the finest grapes carefully selected from quality vineyards – each expressive of the terroir with which they have become synonymous.

The Navigator, our flagship red, pays homage to Prince Henry, the patron of early Portuguese exploration who instigated the first voyages in the discovery of new trade routes.

Adamastor, our flagship white, is named after the mythical sea god of wind and storms in tribute to the tempestuous conditions which our vines have had to constantly endure.

First Sighting Wines

In overcoming their fear of sea monsters and the boiling waters at the equator, Bartholomeu Diaz and then Vasco da Gama navigated their way to South- East Asia and China to bring back spices more valuable than gold and in doing so changed the course of history.

The great vision and sense of adventure of these early explorers in discovering a sea route to the strange and spice-rich East is celebrated by the First Sighting Range.

Delightfully drinkable and the perfect accompaniment to everyday food the First Sighting range remains true to its coastal origins. Slow ripening periods which yield generous flavours and carefully made decisions in the vineyard lead to the creation of versatile wines which can be enjoyed at every occasion.