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Season of Celebration with Strandveld

By January 24, 2024February 22nd, 2024Events, Farm News

Embraced by the festive spirit of Strandveld’s Season of Celebration, December brought a vibrant energy to the coastal vineyards. The air was charged with the essence of celebration, adventure, and community. From the invigorating trails of The Bubbly Trail Run and the scenic paths of the Travel the Gravel mountain bike challenge to the joyous bustle of the Festive Market, each event resonated with the heartbeat of Strandveld’s ethos – a deep-rooted love for the land, an adventure-filled spirit, and a commitment to bringing people together in the Season of Celebration.

The Bubbly Trail Run: Where adventure meets bubbles

On the crisp Friday morning of 22 December, the vineyards came alive with the patter of running shoes and the adventure-filled thrill of the Bubbly Trail Run in the heart of Strandveld’s Season of Celebration. Nature lovers and trailblazers gathered for an unforgettable experience that combined stunning landscapes, exciting trails, and the promise of Strandveld’s signature bubbly, the Skaamgesiggie Pinot Noir Brut, at the finish line. Whether conquering the 16km, 8km, or 4.5km routes, participants traversed the vineyards, each turn offering breathtaking views during this festive celebration of the Season of Celebration.

Travel the Gravel: Cycling the heart of Strandveld

Cyclists embraced the call of the trails during the Travel the Gravel mountain bike challenge. The 35km Gravel Mountain Bike Track wound through Strandveld’s wind-swept vineyards, treating participants to the most breathtaking views. After the invigorating ride, participants gathered for a well-deserved wine tasting, savouring the taste of the land they had just traversed. This adventure-filled challenge embodied the essence of Strandveld – where the love for the land is not just observed but experienced, and is a journey that goes beyond the vines and into the heart of the community.

Festive Market: Crafts, treats, and the finest wines

Amidst the adventure-filled festivities, the heart of Strandveld’s season of celebration was the Festive Market – a vibrant culmination of crafts, gourmet treats and, of course, the finest wines from Strandveld. The community gathered to wander through stalls adorned with handpicked treasures and indulged in the joyous spirit of the season. This lively market served as a hub of festive merriment, bringing people together in the heart of Africa’s southernmost winery. The Festive Market was a testament to the Strandveld’s commitment to not only crafting exceptional wines, but also creating spaces that foster a sense of community, joy and shared experiences.

Bringing people together beyond bottles

Strandveld’s season of celebration was more than just a series of events – it was a collective expression of the winery’s spirit. It showcased a deep love for the land, a passion for an adventure-filled spirit, and a genuine desire to create moments of joy within the community. As glasses were raised and trails were conquered, Strandveld Vineyards proved once again that their wines are not just about what’s in the bottle, but about the experiences they inspire – the adventures shared, the trails explored and the festive celebrations that linger in the hearts of all.