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Strandveld Syrah 2021: A Vintage of Valour and Victory

By March 26, 2024March 28th, 2024Farm News

Discover the essence of Strandveld through the lens of our Syrah 2021, a wine that not only speaks the language of its terroir but has also garnered prestigious recognition in the world of viticulture. This syrah red wine embodies the spirited dance between the resilience of nature and the meticulous craft of winemaking.

Crafting a Vintage Against the Odds

The journey of the Strandveld Syrah 2021 is a tale of tenacity and triumph. After a promising winter, our vines were met with an unrelenting spring, challenging the vines with cold, wet conditions that are less than ideal during the critical flowering period. Facing downy mildew threats and still recovering from previous year’s hail, our vines showcased their enduring spirit, yielding a small crop that was rich with concentrated flavours.

The Blend That Tells a Story

Comprising 93% Shiraz and 7% Grenache from vines aged 18 years, this vintage is a study in balance and complexity. The thoughtful combination of clones—including SH21, SH22, SH99B, SH5C, and SH9—contributes to the wine’s multifaceted character, each bringing its unique attributes to the blend.

Vinification: An Art and Science

Our winemaking process is both an art and a precise science. With a day of cold soaking before fermentation and controlled temperatures during the process, the Strandveld Syrah 2021 was given the careful attention it deserved. After 14 days of skin contact and diligent pump-overs, the wine matured for 12 months in predominantly second and third fill French oak barrels, developing its complex profile.

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Flavours

Upon pouring, the ruby red hue of our Syrah 2021 catches the light, while the delicate aromas of red berries, violets, and lavender invite the first sip. The palate is greeted with elegant tannins that lead to a distinctly salty, dry finish—a perfect companion as you light the braai fire and gather with loved ones.

Awards: A Testament to Quality

The Strandveld Syrah 2021 has not only impressed with its taste but also with its accolades:

Four Star/88 pts: Platter’s by Diners Club 2024 + Good Value

88 points: Gilbert & Gaillard 2023 Gold Award + Best Value

Silver Medal: Veritas Awards 2023

Enjoying Strandveld Syrah 2021

The intricate character of our Syrah makes it a versatile partner to a wide array of dishes. It shines beside roast leg of lamb, amplifies the flavours of venison, and complements the richness of barbecued spareribs or a well-seasoned hamburger. Even strong cheeses find a friend in this Syrah, creating pairings that are sure to be remembered.

Strandveld Syrah 2021 is more than just a syrah red wine; it’s a narrative of resilience, a craftsmanship marvel, and a joy to the palate. As you savour each glass, remember the journey from vine to bottle—a journey marked by nature’s challenges and the unwavering spirit of our vineyard. Let the Strandveld Syrah 2021 be a part of your own story, creating moments that will linger long after the last pour.