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Strandveld Wines’ Voyage from Africa’s Tip to Gauteng’s Buzz

By April 9, 2024Farm News

Greetings, Gauteng! From Africa’s rugged southernmost point, Strandveld Wines is now sprinkling a bit of its coastal magic into your vibrant cityscape. As pioneers from the edge, we’re weaving our tales into the fabric of your wine culture.

Sunette: Our Vineyard Ambassador to the Urban Vines

Meet Sunette, the vibrant face of Strandveld in Gauteng. With a heart full of passion for our Strandveld wines and a soul enchanted by the Strandveld ethos, she’s on a mission to infuse your metropolitan buzz with our wines’ serene whispers from the most southern point of Africa.

Strandveld Wines is ready to be the highlight of your meal or the spark to your special occasion. Whether you’re out for a gourmet experience or cozying up at home, our select spots in Gauteng—like Saint Restaurant or Dry Dock Liquors—are now part of the Strandveld family.

Here is where you can find Strandveld Wines in Gauteng:

And for those who love to take their favourites home:


A Strategic Alliance: Strandveld Joins Forces with VDP Distributors

March 2024 heralded a fresh collaboration with VDP Distributors, an alliance that promises to make Strandveld wines a mainstay in Gauteng’s wine repertoire. It’s about bringing the spirit of the south right to your doorstep.

Delving Into Gauteng’s Wine Culture

Gauteng’s burgeoning wine scene is as expansive as the plains of the south. It’s a realm eager for the unique profiles Strandveld Wines offers—from the vivacious Sauvignon Blanc to the robust depths of Syrah.

Interesting Sips for Gauteng’s Wine Lovers:

The climate of Gauteng might just add a unique twist to the aging process of your Strandveld favourites. Diversity is the spice of life, and Gauteng’s palate is ready for the cool climate wonders our vineyard at the southernmost tip of Africa provides.

The absence of local vineyards makes Gauteng a canvas for South Africa’s wine artistry, and Strandveld Wines is thrilled to paint its strokes.

It’s not just about new places; it’s about new experiences and connections. Strandveld Wines’ foray into Gauteng is a toast to community, shared passions, and the joy of discovery.

Here’s to the beginning of a new chapter, as we invite you to join us in savouring every drop of adventure that Strandveld brings to the vibrant streets of Gauteng. Cheers to shared moments and cherished memories with Strandveld Wines.